Knowledge Creates Trust



Knowledge creates trust.

To have a good relationship, trust is needed.

Knowledge creates understanding,

Understanding generates compassion,

Compassion gives space for trust,


Trust, shows respect and love.

Respect an love, is the key in relationship.


It is possible

            Just start with true love.


Love others as yourself.

Do unto others 

As you want them do to you.


Forget disappointments.

Reach for the future.


Perfect love drives out all fear.


Put trust in and be an encourager in your relationships.

Despise of the other, or your own feelings.

Be joyful about the good, before you point out bad,

Speak with love, in all you do.


Start with a step,

it will reach farther than you could ever imagine.

Cause love never fails.


«I have faith in you, and I put trust in you. 

And if you fall, lets figure it out together.

I will help you get up and face the morning challenges with new hope.»


God puts His trust in you.

Because He knows you.

Will you put your trust in Him?




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I am home!!

After 9 incredible months,
I am left with
a bigger confidence in who I am, and who God is.
I have experienced contrasts that have made me see clearer,
and be more thankful for what I’ve got.
My heart is changed.
And I am so grateful for everything I have been through.
For a year filled with experiences I have grown on.
For friends and friendships that have meant a big difference to me.
Friends I could be total honest towards,
that I could cry and laugh with,
that always were there for support and encouragement.
I am rich, because of these friends and memories and experiences,
money don’t make you rich, real moments does.
I have found a meaning in life, and are choosing to follow it…
cause I’ve experienced a love and truth that is bigger than
hate, selfishness, bitterness, lack of meaning, jealousy, destruction and so on.
And are choosing the journey that lets me become
the person I were meant to be.

I have got a view of life, out of my experiences,
and for me, i’ve come to a choice, to believe it is the truth.
Cause that choice sat me free and filled me with love,
more love and care for people, than I ever have had.
God is so real and working. So ready for us to receive what he got for us.
Witch is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness,
faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

I have got so much out of my year on DTS!
And are encouraging you to do a year like it as well!


Love from Maja ❤

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Yesterdays trip!

Yesterday we were at the UNESCO world heritage place in Norway:) Geiranger and «the seven sisters» waterfall. The beauty is amazing an unreal. We also got blessed by great weather!:)

Tur til Geiranger! 18

The 17. May – was Norway’s national day. And partly because of the great weather and people it turned out so good. Were so fun to be with all the non norwegians showing them how we celebrate our national day  Cause we celebrate it in a unique way compered to other countries – we have parades, national suits, flags everywhere, all people are outside having a barbecue and eating ice cream:) No 17.Mai without ice cream and sausage, haha! This year was the 199th 17.mai cince we got our constitution in 1814. Fun to be in another beautiul part of my country and celebrate it:)

Bilder merket med stjerne

The 7 sisters waterfall in Geiranger:)


Love from Maja 🙂

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Having some amazing days of teaching with Ken Helser as teacher/storyteller/worship leader, he is being a great testimony by just being her. What an amazing journey he is bringing us on. Letting God do his work, through him, in us. The classroom is filled with peace. And we are taking in as much as we can of what we hear. But in the end it is just God that is in control, and that knows what we really are gonna learn this week. And as long as we let him form us, he will.

Ken Helser has been in Norway now 31 times! He runs a ministry in North Carolina called «18 inch journey» , wich is about getting your head knowledge to your heart and is kind of a camp.. don’t know quite how to explain it, but here’s the homepage: 
His son Jonathan, is, as father as son – a musician, and have released 6 albums. Beautiful music. If your interested he is also on the webpage from above.

It is so much that have been said. So much good stuff. That I don’t even know where to start.   God is still working things out in me. Cause he is always working. Working things out for the best for those who loves him(Rom 8:28) …

Unending love from Him,
Who is the perfect father ❤

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A chapter of my life has past

A chapter of my life has past.
Perspective are gained and widened.
Lessons have been learned.
Strength have been found in weakness.
People have formed my character.
My heart have been checked.
Experiences have made way…
for a new day…

A piece of me is still in that place
The friends, the people
that God made me meet.
Have left footprints in my heart

Some friendships lasts forever,
some are for a season.
But every season is important
Cause every season have left
their marks upon our lives.
The important thing is always,
how you deal with what you got.

Every person forms you,
in one way or another.
And you have impacted people,
in one way or another.
A piece of your heart,
is passed on and multiplied.
A piece in your heart
is forever changed.
But your heart has not decreased
but increased.

New York will always be in my heart. The special people there.
Have ment much to me. I am forever thankful
for what I have been able to experience.

2 month outreach in New York City is over. I have met and talked to the people of the streets and experienced things you only will in a big city. New York is so special. Variety around every corner. A mix of many cultures makes it so beautiful and unique.  The good stuff and the bad stuff of every culture is represented in this crazy never-sleeping city. And oh the contrasts, many hate/love feelings attached to this place. Where they are all striving to become something… Famous or rich….
But actually just loved, seen and appreciated.
God has his hand in the game, he is watching over this place. He has the perfect plan.


– Maja

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Blog update, de-brief trip!

We traveled from the church 7:15 had packed what we were told to, but had no idea where we were going. Until we came to penn station and the leaders gathered us and told us we were going to Massachusets!! On a camp by a lake. Hume Lake New England was were we went. It was far into the woods, far away from any kind of citylife. As we stepped out of the car we couldn’t stop to smile. We walked into the big main building with deers and moose on the wall over a big fireplace. And big windows with a view over the forest and the lake. So absolutely gorgeous. I immediatly walked out with the camera in my hand , to take in the fresh air and quiet surroundings. Finally I could just be by my self with no one else around me. Was amazing. Haha I really felt that I could finally breathe and think clear again.

The two first days I was really tired often. I think it was because I really needed to come out of the city for a while. On the second day our team went to play paintball! It was my first time and it was sooo much fun! We also saw a bear right next to our cabin! He was a black bear and only came to pick up some food from the garbage and then walked away. Scared of us. 😛

Saturday morning three of us girls went down to the dock with our sleepingbags 4.30 in the morning to see the sunrise:) it was very kozy:) and as the the day came it got so nice, sunny and warm and I even got a little tanned 😉 was outside playing basket and FRISBEE. And the hole team went out canoing at the little lake:) one of the girls fished up a turtle!:) and we saw a big beaver house. At the evening we gathered around a big bonfire and had kind of a ending outreach gathering. Sharing and worshiping, and eating smores;)

It was so peacful. I am so grateful for the putreach and the de-brief:) feel so privilidged and blessed beyond mesure!

IMG_4803 IMG_4856 IMG_4887 IMG_4975 IMG_4986 IMG_4444


IMG_5057 IMG_5040

Love from Maja!

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The outreach is coming towards an end….

We have less than a week left of our outreach. Today was our last day of ministring. We were in Central Park and were playing worship and dancing. It was really great, many people was curious and a couple stopped to talk with us. It was freedom releasing! We also met a guy at the subway who said that we had such a positive energy!

Yesterday was our free day, and me and Pauline went to a Hillsong Connection group. That was so great! Really cool to see kind of what was moving in the hearts of Hillsong NYC. Listened to amazing testimonies for more than one hour from people who shared. Was an inspiring group, and I hope I can bring some ideas home:)

Monday we had our last day at Gifted Hands. That was sad.. We did a 30 min performance  I did two skits and the other did two dances. People gave very positive feedback and was so grateful for the work we had done there. It was so humbling for my heart when they shared with us that we had ment so much for them. And that we were a special group that also the patients talked often about. We blessed them with our art and serving 🙂

Saturday we had a amazing party! We through a party for the people we have met and worked with during outreach. We served buffet salad, had our own dear personal DJ – Erik Paul, and had an awesome time. Around 40 people showed up 🙂

Tomorrow we are traveling somewhere that the leaders are still keeping secret to us. They have told us that we wont have any internett connection or phone for three days. That we have to bring sleeping bag. And to bring clothes we can get dirty in… and warm clothes. So it is really suspicious..

Tomorrow morning we are leaving at 7:15… so… next update is in three days!!

– Maja ❤

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