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The Outreach Blog!

  Only 14 days left untill Outreeeeaaaach!!!! Take a look and follow it, we allready have two post about where we are going and what we are doing and other info! http://nycoutreach2013.blogspot.no/2013/01/getting-ready.html?spref=fb   ❤ Reklamer

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A relaxing Friday evening

Hi! I’m ahving a relaxing Friday evening and wanted to share it with you readers!:) This evening I wanted to treat myself something good. I had the room for myself as I rarely have on a Friday evening. So I … Les videre

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Making shortfim, praparations for outreach and getting closer to God

These past days have been so good! Tuesday this week we finished our script of the short film me and JoEllen from acting track are making! It is so fun and exciting! Today we had auditions for the roles that … Les videre

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Fill yourself up with the truth!

Captured and redigated and written by Maja

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