The outreach is coming towards an end….

We have less than a week left of our outreach. Today was our last day of ministring. We were in Central Park and were playing worship and dancing. It was really great, many people was curious and a couple stopped to talk with us. It was freedom releasing! We also met a guy at the subway who said that we had such a positive energy!

Yesterday was our free day, and me and Pauline went to a Hillsong Connection group. That was so great! Really cool to see kind of what was moving in the hearts of Hillsong NYC. Listened to amazing testimonies for more than one hour from people who shared. Was an inspiring group, and I hope I can bring some ideas home:)

Monday we had our last day at Gifted Hands. That was sad.. We did a 30 min performance  I did two skits and the other did two dances. People gave very positive feedback and was so grateful for the work we had done there. It was so humbling for my heart when they shared with us that we had ment so much for them. And that we were a special group that also the patients talked often about. We blessed them with our art and serving 🙂

Saturday we had a amazing party! We through a party for the people we have met and worked with during outreach. We served buffet salad, had our own dear personal DJ – Erik Paul, and had an awesome time. Around 40 people showed up 🙂

Tomorrow we are traveling somewhere that the leaders are still keeping secret to us. They have told us that we wont have any internett connection or phone for three days. That we have to bring sleeping bag. And to bring clothes we can get dirty in… and warm clothes. So it is really suspicious..

Tomorrow morning we are leaving at 7:15… so… next update is in three days!!

– Maja ❤

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