Blog update, de-brief trip!

We traveled from the church 7:15 had packed what we were told to, but had no idea where we were going. Until we came to penn station and the leaders gathered us and told us we were going to Massachusets!! On a camp by a lake. Hume Lake New England was were we went. It was far into the woods, far away from any kind of citylife. As we stepped out of the car we couldn’t stop to smile. We walked into the big main building with deers and moose on the wall over a big fireplace. And big windows with a view over the forest and the lake. So absolutely gorgeous. I immediatly walked out with the camera in my hand , to take in the fresh air and quiet surroundings. Finally I could just be by my self with no one else around me. Was amazing. Haha I really felt that I could finally breathe and think clear again.

The two first days I was really tired often. I think it was because I really needed to come out of the city for a while. On the second day our team went to play paintball! It was my first time and it was sooo much fun! We also saw a bear right next to our cabin! He was a black bear and only came to pick up some food from the garbage and then walked away. Scared of us. 😛

Saturday morning three of us girls went down to the dock with our sleepingbags 4.30 in the morning to see the sunrise:) it was very kozy:) and as the the day came it got so nice, sunny and warm and I even got a little tanned 😉 was outside playing basket and FRISBEE. And the hole team went out canoing at the little lake:) one of the girls fished up a turtle!:) and we saw a big beaver house. At the evening we gathered around a big bonfire and had kind of a ending outreach gathering. Sharing and worshiping, and eating smores;)

It was so peacful. I am so grateful for the putreach and the de-brief:) feel so privilidged and blessed beyond mesure!

IMG_4803 IMG_4856 IMG_4887 IMG_4975 IMG_4986 IMG_4444


IMG_5057 IMG_5040

Love from Maja!

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