A chapter of my life has past

A chapter of my life has past.
Perspective are gained and widened.
Lessons have been learned.
Strength have been found in weakness.
People have formed my character.
My heart have been checked.
Experiences have made way…
for a new day…

A piece of me is still in that place
The friends, the people
that God made me meet.
Have left footprints in my heart

Some friendships lasts forever,
some are for a season.
But every season is important
Cause every season have left
their marks upon our lives.
The important thing is always,
how you deal with what you got.

Every person forms you,
in one way or another.
And you have impacted people,
in one way or another.
A piece of your heart,
is passed on and multiplied.
A piece in your heart
is forever changed.
But your heart has not decreased
but increased.

New York will always be in my heart. The special people there.
Have ment much to me. I am forever thankful
for what I have been able to experience.

2 month outreach in New York City is over. I have met and talked to the people of the streets and experienced things you only will in a big city. New York is so special. Variety around every corner. A mix of many cultures makes it so beautiful and unique.  The good stuff and the bad stuff of every culture is represented in this crazy never-sleeping city. And oh the contrasts, many hate/love feelings attached to this place. Where they are all striving to become something… Famous or rich….
But actually just loved, seen and appreciated.
God has his hand in the game, he is watching over this place. He has the perfect plan.


– Maja

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3 svar til A chapter of my life has past

  1. Turid sier:

    Vakkert dikt, Maja. Skal bli godt å se deg igjen.
    Du har vært med å forme mitt liv også! klem Turid. ❤

  2. h sier:

    thank you..

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