Having some amazing days of teaching with Ken Helser as teacher/storyteller/worship leader, he is being a great testimony by just being her. What an amazing journey he is bringing us on. Letting God do his work, through him, in us. The classroom is filled with peace. And we are taking in as much as we can of what we hear. But in the end it is just God that is in control, and that knows what we really are gonna learn this week. And as long as we let him form us, he will.

Ken Helser has been in Norway now 31 times! He runs a ministry in North Carolina called «18 inch journey» , wich is about getting your head knowledge to your heart and is kind of a camp.. don’t know quite how to explain it, but here’s the homepage: http://www.aplacefortheheart.org/aplacefortheheart/About.html 
His son Jonathan, is, as father as son – a musician, and have released 6 albums. Beautiful music. If your interested he is also on the webpage from above.

It is so much that have been said. So much good stuff. That I don’t even know where to start.   God is still working things out in me. Cause he is always working. Working things out for the best for those who loves him(Rom 8:28) …

Unending love from Him,
Who is the perfect father ❤

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