Yesterdays trip!

Yesterday we were at the UNESCO world heritage place in Norway:) Geiranger and «the seven sisters» waterfall. The beauty is amazing an unreal. We also got blessed by great weather!:)

Tur til Geiranger! 18

The 17. May – was Norway’s national day. And partly because of the great weather and people it turned out so good. Were so fun to be with all the non norwegians showing them how we celebrate our national day  Cause we celebrate it in a unique way compered to other countries – we have parades, national suits, flags everywhere, all people are outside having a barbecue and eating ice cream:) No 17.Mai without ice cream and sausage, haha! This year was the 199th 17.mai cince we got our constitution in 1814. Fun to be in another beautiul part of my country and celebrate it:)

Bilder merket med stjerne

The 7 sisters waterfall in Geiranger:)


Love from Maja 🙂

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