Knowledge Creates Trust



Knowledge creates trust.

To have a good relationship, trust is needed.

Knowledge creates understanding,

Understanding generates compassion,

Compassion gives space for trust,


Trust, shows respect and love.

Respect an love, is the key in relationship.


It is possible

            Just start with true love.


Love others as yourself.

Do unto others 

As you want them do to you.


Forget disappointments.

Reach for the future.


Perfect love drives out all fear.


Put trust in and be an encourager in your relationships.

Despise of the other, or your own feelings.

Be joyful about the good, before you point out bad,

Speak with love, in all you do.


Start with a step,

it will reach farther than you could ever imagine.

Cause love never fails.


«I have faith in you, and I put trust in you. 

And if you fall, lets figure it out together.

I will help you get up and face the morning challenges with new hope.»


God puts His trust in you.

Because He knows you.

Will you put your trust in Him?




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