Info about my DTS

This is my school!

DTS stands for disciple training school and is a school about to get to know who God is and how to make him knowned. It is a part of the international organisation Youth With A Mission.

There are 5 different types of tracks at the school: fine art, music, dance, film and acting. Our weeks are separated into two different types – crative week when we fokus on our track, and dts teaching week. There are 6 crative weeks spread over one year. Every week we have a new teacher and a new theme. And to get most out of the teaching we journal about every week. I am going at the acting track. We are two students there this year and 3 staff’s, its a great amount of people!

Every weekday we eat 4 times a day who is normal in Norway, breakfast at 7 – bread, lunsh at 12 – lunshpack usually bread, dinner at 4 – a varity of different international food, and supper at 8 in the evening – also bread:) or crackers or cereal.

A normal day starts with breakfast from 7 to 7:30. After that we have our weekly chores that we do 3 times a week to keep our home tidy:) and then we have 50 minutes blessed powertime with God, then we can do wathewer we want as long as we use the time to just be in the presens of God, it is the most beautiful part of the day! – so peaceful and comforting.:) God really shows up. So, after that we have either worship & devotion, intersession, small grouops, or familytime depending on the day. Then 10:00 the teaching starts and ends 2 or 4 depending on the week. After dinner it is freetime till the next day.

Everyone helps out making food and doing dishes, we have small groups who is divided into different chores every week. Like – this week I have dinner dishes and every monday I help making dinner. Its really a great system I think. Everyone is a part of our temporary home! 🙂


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